Derek Hough News – About us

Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting our little site and for all your support! It really means a lot to us! Many of you might know us better as @TeamMariaDerek or @TeamShawnDerek or @TeamKellieDerek and so on til Season 19 when we were @TeamBethDerek on twitter. We are fans who have supported Derek on twitter since Season 14 but admire him from long before that. After Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars, and sure that Derek wouldn’t be back for the season 20 (that’s what he said), we decided to do something we were thinking for a very long time. Evolve our twitter name to a permanent one and create a place only for Derek….so Derek Hough News was born!

If it’s not clear before now…we are NOT Derek. We are fans and we don’t have any contact with him, his management, family members or his friends.

The site was created on February 13, 2015 🙂 As you can imagine, our archive is a work in progress since there are many things Derek did prior to that date. We are working and trying our best to complete and organize it as quickly and as much as possible. All this while trying to cover Derek’s current activities AND having real life jobs. Thank you again for the support and your understanding!

How we organize our site:

We already have a brief description on our “welcome note” about this on the home page but thought it would be good to put it here as well. To the left side bar, you can find our archive (as we said, it’s still work in progress) as well as a separate section at the top with Derek’s “current activity”. The purpose of this section is to provide you the fastest and easiest access to “current event(s)” and everything that involves pictures or videos. For example, in this section we usually have the current season of Dancing with the Stars as it’s airing or Move Live while Derek is on tour etc.
Also, above this section, there is a quick note on where you can see Derek next. For more details about Derek’s appearances, you can click on the “Upcoming events” section on the main bar of the site.

If there is anything you can’t find and you need help, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll be more than happy to help 🙂

How we work:

We don’t own any of the things we post as we take our information from a variety of reliable news sites on the web. We are always grateful with everything the fans share and always give credit to the owner. But, mistakes happen so, if you see anything that’s not credited correctly, let us know and we’ll fix it immediately. If we posted something that’s yours but you don’t agree, again, let us know and we’ll remove it.

We are NOT a gossip site and we won’t post anything about Derek’s personal life or rumors around it. Derek is very private about his life and we respect that. We’ll only post something when HE talks about it in public. We are here to post and share his work and only that.

We are always around if there is anything you might need. We are more than willing to help and it will be our pleasure! 🙂 You can contact us @DerekHoughNews or you can mail us!

If you want to reach us separately, you can tweet us on our personal twitter accounts. Some of us might not tweet often but one of us will always be around sooner or later even though we are here most of the time.

Don’t forget to follow us on @DerekHoughNews and subscribe to our Daily Motion Channel!

Thank you all again and hope we’ll see you soon and often on our site!!
Derek Hough News Team! xoxox